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How to Write Research Proposal

A research proposal as the name suggests is essentially a request for the sponsored help for the research process. A well written research proposal will have a few salient features. It will let the sponsor know what the research is going to be about. The cost that will be incurred and how the research will benefit the sponsors interest should be mentioned. The impact that the paper will have on the society and the effect that the results of the proposal will have on the society etc will be evaluated. The previous research that has been performed in the similar field and how this research is different from the previous one will also be covered. The modus operandi that you will take to perform this research will be mentioned. There are a few types of research proposals. Solicited proposals are those that are issued in reply to a request by a prospective sponsor. Unsolicited proposals are those that are sent by the researcher to a sponsor without an express request from the sponsor. A preproposal is one that is sent to a sponsor who has asked for a scaled-down version of a research proposal which he will consider and then ask the researcher to send a detailed one. These are a few kinds of research proposals and it can be safely said that the ones that are written by students as a part of their academic requirement is not the type that requires funding. It is a document that is a part of the dissertation or as a standalone assignment.

There are a few tips to be followed when writing a research proposal. Ensure that the directions that have been set by the faculty member are followed. The proposal should fit the criterion that is set by the faculty. As in the case of any academic paper it is necessary to make a rough draft before starting on the final draft. It would be helpful if the proposal is written in a point form before writing the draft. The headings and the sections that are going to be in the proposal can be marked in the form of points and then the contents therein can be discussed. It is very important to know who the research proposal is going to benefit. The language that is used for the research proposal should be clear and must be explained in plain language. The proposal should be free of any spelling mistakes or grammatical errors. Adjudication committees are multi-disciplinary and will include researchers in fields that are outside the one that the paper is relevant to. This is why the language that is used should not be technical jargon, but language that everyone understands. A research proposal should make an impact immediately. Reviewers are busy and have several other papers to judge. The very beginning of the proposal should be catchy in order to sustain interest in the paper. The enthusiasm that you have for the paper should come across in the proposal.

A clear hypothesis and a research objective that is formulated in the very beginning can have a very profound impact on the drafting of the research proposal. It helps to keep the focus on the writing process. There should be a clear title that reflects the goal of the study and garners interest. A research proposal should indicate that the research will be beneficial to the society and feasible. It should address an important question in the society and make a contribution to the field of academic knowledge. A research proposal needs to be constantly read, edited and then re-edited till the content in it is satisfactory. The proposal should be reviewed by others and their opinions should be taken into consideration. A detailed account of the proposed research should be explained in the proposal. When laying out the design it is important to make it as realistic as possible and the goal should be easily realisable. Unrealistic goals will be difficult to achieve and will only look good on the paper. The preliminary work and the analytical method as well as the tools that will be used for the research process must also be made evident in the research proposal. The budgetary requirements that the research process will need should also be mentioned in the proposal. The research proposal will have to clearly delineate the costs among personnel, non-personnel, administrative as well as overhead expenses. These are some of the things that the research proposal should contain.

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