Students who are pursuing a career in the fields of client/patient services will have to submit case studies as a part of their academic requirement. Medical schools, law schools, social services and other legal work are some of the examples where students are required to submit case studies. These case studies essentially describe a problem that is faced by a patient or a client and the system that has been adopted to help that particular client or patient. It needs to explain in a detailed step by step manner the logical and rational steps that have been taken to deal with a problem faced by an individual. This will help in finding solutions to the issues that are faced by the subject of the case study. These solutions can then be applied to the general public. Every case study follows a certain critical pattern of thinking and examining. Case studies can also be applied to the issues faced by businesses.

While preparing a case study it is important to adhere to certain steps. The first step is to examine the case thoroughly. The faculty will give a background of the issue and the issue itself in brief. Usually the solution to the issue will either be in the problem itself or in the class notes or lectures that have been covered in class. The second step is to focus the analysis on the key issues that have been raised. This will help in reducing the scope of the issue and enable the student to start the research and carry out the research in a specific area. The third step is to uncover any possible solutions to the problem. This can be done by reviewing course readings, class notes and also performing outside research can from drawing on one’s own experience. The fourth step is to choose the solution that is best suitable for the issue.

Case studies are often very challenging for students because of the work that is involved and also die to the short time that is given to come up with a solution for the problems. Some faculty members are particular about the solutions that are suggested and will not accept a solution that is different from what they expect. Case study requires a student to apply the knowledge that he has gained during the course and apply it to a situation that is meant to simulate real life. In many cases it is a daunting task that students may not be able to complete easily. This is because students lack the ability to apply their learning to real life situations. In such cases it is advisable to rely on a professional writing service to get the case study done properly and within the deadline that has been specified by the faculty.

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