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Quick ways to fix your essays at last moment

In some cases students may need to make last minute changes to their essays. There may be many reasons for that. The usual reason is because they did not start writing the essay early and finished the essay in a hurry leading to many issues with the paper. This tendency to procrastinate writing an essay is the reason why many students tend to get poor grades and have to go through a lot of stress and tension. Yet another reason why the paper would not have been impressive is because the student failed to proofread the paper multiple times leading him to oversee several errors in the paper. In such an event it becomes necessary for the student to fix the essays at the last moment. Even though the student will have to fix the essay with a time restrictions it does not mean that the job has to be done in a haphazard manner.

The first thing to do would be to read the paper a few times and correct the spelling and grammatical errors because every time the student reads the paper there is a possibility that a mistake might grab his attention. It is also advised to have multiple people read the essay to get a more effective proofreading result. The next thing to do would be to check the referencing of the paper. It is always advisable to do the referencing as one writes the essay instead of keeping it as a later task. There are word processing software that enable the student to do the referencing as and when the paper is being written. This also ensures the auto-generation of the bibliography. A majority of the reference generators that are available as software as well as online generators are up to date and will add proper references to the paper.

Generally students can fix their essays by focusing on the content first and the mechanics of the essay later. The content is the most important criterion and it should be written as per the requirements that have been set by the faculty member. The paper should be relevant to the title and should address all the arguments and the points as per the requirements. When editing the paper for content it is important to make sure that the essay answers the original question and fits the parameters of the assignment. The student needs to ensure that the main points are in alignment with the thesis statement. The paper should have a coherent flow to it. The introduction, body and conclusion should be properly structured and complement each other.

When the student starts to edit the paper for mechanics it is always advisable to take a small break and take a small walk and then look at the paper with a different outlook. There is always a chance of catching errors when the paper is looked at with a different perspective. Errors are difficult to find out when reading on the screen. It is always better to take a printout and then proofread the paper. Spelling mistakes and punctuation errors are also very important and can even change the meaning of a sentence. Those have to be corrected as much as possible. The use of spell check and grammar check in word processing software is a very easy way to correct the papers quickly.

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