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Planning your Dissertation writing

A dissertation is most probably the most important writing assignment that a student is bound to write in his or her life. After their education students who enter their careers will continue with their daily jobs and will never have the opportunity to write anything as important as a dissertation. So it is a one of a kind writing assignment that the student will write. Even during their academic careers students would not have written anything as important and consequential as a dissertation which makes this process a very difficult one and one that seems to be a daunting task even before embarking on the writing process. Unless the student has a robust plan in place there is no chance that he or she will be able to write a good dissertation that showcases what he or she has learnt and also on how he or she plans to apply that information in the real world. Planning the dissertation writing process will without doubt allow the student to use the time that he has in hand efficiently and keep the task manageable. When considering the several tasks that students have in present day, including their part time jobs and so on, it is very important that they learn how to plan their dissertations.

The first thing to do would be to choose the field in which the student would want to write the dissertation. One of the best things about a dissertation is that the student can choose to write it in a subject that he or she prefers. Carrying on any investigation in a topic that is dear to the student can make the dissertation seem like less of a task and less overwhelming. The student should do as much reading about the topic as possible. This will not only ensure that the student has a very good knowledge about the topic but also find out whether there is a wealth of literature about the topic. This is information that the student can use while finding references for the dissertation. When sifting through the recent literature about the topic it will be easy for the student to identify the best angle to argue from and also highlight the gaps in the current inquiry that the student can address. It is very important that the student chooses only the most reliable of sources. The internet should only be used for gaining knowledge about a particular topic, the sources that are cited should be from journals or peer reviewed articles.

The student has to then choose an approach and title. The line of enquiry should be chosen and the argument that the student has to endorse has to be decided. It is possible to take the help of the faculty member who will be able to give some guidance to the student about this step. If the student wants to choose to continue with a line of enquiry that has already been started then he can opt to do so. If it is a very different kind of an enquiry that is also possible provided the student is prepared to put in the time and effort. An outline plan needs to be made. The general structure of the essay will be an introduction, a body and a conclusion. It is possible to break down each one of these into further sections. The introduction will include information of what the student is examining and how the student is going to go about doing it. The main body can be broken down into setting out the areas of research, a research proposal, a literature review, main argument and alternative argument. The conclusion will have a summary of the findings, the discussion of the findings and the scope of further research. When planning the sections it is necessary to include the names of the books and page number where the material is. It will be easy to compile the bibliography if this is done.

Do remember that even the best laid plans can go wrong. A lot of things can happen that might cause the student to opt for an alternative. That is a part of the process and as long as the student is focused on the end result, there will be no delay or stress.

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