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How to set Objective for your Dissertation

A dissertation is the most important document that the student will be authoring during the course of his academic life in an educational institution. It will be the final document and the longest one that he has ever written or worked on. A dissertation is the document on the basis of which a student will get his grade and be judged as to how much knowledge he has gained from doing the course. Unlike any other academic assignment that the student may have completed during his education a dissertation has several chapters and each one has to be a logical continuation from the previous one. The flow between the paragraphs and the research element that is incorporated into the dissertation has to be done in a professional way. For many students it is a once in a lifetime experience to write a dissertation and also a very difficult one. However the effort that is put into the dissertation can be seen by faculty members who will definitely give the student the high grades when the dissertation meets their satisfaction.

The focus of the dissertation is said in the form of aims and objectives. Even though both these may seem the same there is a difference. The aim of a dissertation is what the student hopes to achieve and the intention and the aspiration. The aim when expressed in a sentence will be a statement of intent that is written in broad terms. They set out what the student intends to achieve by the end of the dissertation. The objective on the other hand is the goal that will be encountered on the way to achieving the aim. These are measurable outcomes which will be the steps that the student will take to achieve the desired outcome. Objectives have to be precise and not vague in nature. They have to spell out in specific terms what the student is about to do. Objectives have to be measurable so that the student knows when he or she has reached the goal. They have to be achievable. It is understandable that the student will aim for an unrealistic goal with the idea that it will be more impressive to the faculty. It is not advisable to set an unrealistic goal that he or she cannot achieve. An objective that is realistic to achieve is always better than an unrealistic one that the student cannot achieve.

It is also necessary for the student to take an inventory of the tools at his disposal before drafting an objective. The resources that are available with him and the time and skills that he has need to be assessed before zeroing on an objective. This is a very important step and will have a profound impact on the drafting process. If the student thinks up an objective that he or she has no way of attaining it will only look inadequate. The faculty members are not concerned with how the student completes the dissertation and how hard he must have worked for the dissertation. They will only take into consideration the objective that has been stated and how it has been achieved by the student. As mentioned earlier, a realistic objective that is easy to attain and one that has been attained effectively in the dissertation will be valued more than an objective that is difficult and not been attained. During the assessment, it is the results that matter in the end not the work in between. As long as the objective has been achieved it means that the work has been effective enough.

It is better to choose an objective that can be measured against a yardstick of time. Each stage needs to be completed as per the predetermined timetable and enough time should be left for the next stage. When the time schedule is created there should be enough time left in it for unexpected delays. There is no fixed number of objectives that will be considered optimal by the faculty members who assess the dissertation. It is very much dependent on the paper and the topic that has been chosen by the student. Some tutors could be happy with one aim that has been clearly stated and executed. There are others who will prefer a main aim that is supported by two aims. Regardless of the number of the aims that have been mentioned, the student will have to ensure that the objectives that are mentioned are able to measure the progress towards achieving the aims. So, to sum up, an aim is a description of what the student hopes to achieve while writing a dissertation and by the end of the process. The objectives will describe how the student is going to achieve the aims. The steps that he will be taking to achieve those aims are what constitute the objective.

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