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How to face your stressful academic lives and essay writing deadline

Students have to face many issues while trying to complete their education. Unlike what is commonly believed it is the young student generation that has to cope with a lot of stress. Juggling part time jobs to support themselves and pay their tuition is a very important source of tension. Trying to manage all this can cause a lot of tension in a students mind. In addition to this there are the assignments that come with a deadline and several specifications. For many students there may only be a certain subject that they are interested in pursuing for their career. Faculty members however insist upon making students write research papers and essays on every single subject in the curriculum. This is certainly a source of tension. There are many ways by which students can cope with stress and the deadlines that have been set for submitting the essays as well as stress in general.

A healthy lifestyle begins with a healthy diet. Students need to stick to a healthy diet. It is usual for students to follow the example set by their friends and live on unhealthy junk food. But they should understand the dangers of sticking to such convenience foods and eat food cooked with fresh ingredients. It can be tempting to eat a burger or a pizza but cooking is a stress buster by itself and also allows you to eat healthy food. Along with healthy food, students must also indulge in exercise. Sports activities that are performed regularly can also help them maintain a healthy body. Meditation is also proving to be a very good way to relieve oneself of stress. Usually it is advisable to get a pet, because they give unconditional love back to their owners. But most universities do not allow students to keep pets in the dorms. If there are any relatives who live nearby and have pets, students can spend time with them and their pets. Students must also stay away from unhealthy practices like smoking, drinking and indulging in substance abuse. It can have an adverse impact on the health and affect mental and physical faculties.

There are other methods that students can adopt to reduce levels of stress like listening to music, surrounding oneself with friends who have a positive outlook to life and by quitting all addictive habits that include substances. When these actions are taken the student will be more receptive to education and ensure that all deadlines are met. The stress level of the student will also come down tremendously. When it comes to meeting the essay writing deadlines with the minimum amount of stress it is very important that the student does not procrastinate the writing process. Students nowadays have several distractions in the form of social media, television as well as their other social commitments. When an essay deadline is received it is advisable to start working on the paper as soon as possible. Procrastinating the writing and research process will only lead to an inordinate amount of stress that is usually avoidable. When a student writes an essay under severe stress it is possible that the paper will reflect the stress and not be a good one.

After the student has received the deadline, he or she should start working on the essay as soon as possible. A small step a day will enable him to finish the paper well before deadline and avoid all the stress and tension that he could have when writing it for the first time. The first thing to do would be to come up with a title of the essay if the title has not been given by the faculty. The student should then start the research process for the paper and make notes about the salient points that he has come across and those that he feels should be a part of the paper. If it is an argumentative paper then the student should study both sides of the arguments and then make an informed decision as to which side he is going to argue. One of the advantages that the student gets when he starts working at the paper early is that he gets enough time to find good sources. If a student starts to write papers at the last minute he will have to resort to easy to find sources like unreliable websites on the internet. These are some of the things that students can do to ensure that they have a stress free and relaxed academic life.

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