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What contributes to your essay score?

Essay scoring rubric specifications differ from one university to the other. Nevertheless the students are required to score high on all their essays so that their final grades reflect their performance. It is usually believed that the length of the essay can play a very important role in the getting a high essay score. The more the student writes the better he will do on the essay. In a study that was conducted by the New York Times it was found that the ACT essays in particular were graded highly according to the word count. Short essays received 1 out of 6 and long essays which were 400 words and more got 6 out of 6. However this is due to the unique nature of the ACT essays and the short time that is required to write the paper. So as far as ACT essays are concerned the more you write the more you could score. The same does not hold good for the other kinds of essays.

The belief that the more you write the more you will score may not apply to all kinds of essays. A long essay will not automatically lead to a high score. For instance is you are asked to write a research paper on dinosaurs you cannot write the same number of words that are required for a good score for an ACT paper. It is not that simple. There is a connection between essay score and essay length but there is a very important aspect which can negate the importance of essay length and that is essay content. Long essays can get more marks because it shows that the student has done more research and has been committed to the cause of writing a good well researched essay. That is how the length of the essay is construed by the examiner.

There are other factors that contribute to the essay score and some of them are more important than the others. The first reason is the vocabulary that is used by the student. When the vocabulary that is used is good, the number of words that are used will be less and this will lead to a shorter essay. At the same time this does not mean that the student will get a lesser mark for the lesser content. On the contrary this will result in more marks because of the use of proper vocabulary. The size of the handwriting that the student uses while writing essays is also a factor. Students who write with small sized handwriting will get more words per page. They will also be able to write all the points that they need to write as opposed to students who have larger handwritings who may feel restricted by the space later. There are also a few other aspects about the content of the paper that may be consequential to getting a better grade.

The idea and the analysis that has been done in the paper will ensure good grades. When arguments are made in an essay they should engage with multiple perspectives of the main issue. It should reflect thought and purpose. A specific issue needs to be addressed and many angles to the issue needs to be covered. The ideas need to be developed with insight and the argument should be effectively conveyed. Organisation of the paper is also a very important factor. Paragraphs should be organized effectively and the transition between the paragraphs should add strength to the relationship between the ideas. The introduction and the conclusion must make the same points but the conclusion should delve on the journey between the thesis statement and the research that has been conducted which eventually led to the conclusion. The choice of words, style of language adopted, clarity of sentences all are very important in ensuring that the students get an excellent essay score.

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