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Proofreading is the last phase of the editing procedure, concentrating on surface blunders, for example, incorrect spellings and oversights in linguistic use and accentuation. You ought to edit simply after you have completed the greater part of your other editing amendments. Compelling editing and proofreading require that you rehash your written work deliberately, that you assume the part of reader as opposed to essayist, and that you utilize techniques to help you back off and analyze your composition. This handout presents procedures for both editing and proofreading. Students can't escape from the composition procedure. All need to end up distinctly great position and every individual attempting to accomplish this position. To get a quality yield editing and proofreading are vital in paper composing process. This procedure will discover the errors and at, we can adjust our paper. So it is basic to deliberately alter and edit all composed material before accommodation. Editing is the procedure journalists use to catch blunders commonplace to their own written work. Proofreading, the last stage, concentrates on random goofs.

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