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At, we have inbuilt discount mechanism that offers maximum possible discount rates to all genres of works, big and small. This is because we ordain it unreasonable to deprive clients, due discount only on the grounds of small orders.

No. of Pages : DISCOUNT RATE
1 to 15 : 5%
16 to 50 : 8%
51 to 100 : 10%
100 to 200 : 15%
201 and Above : 20%

How to Avail Discount?

Our maximum discounts are inbuilt in our final pricing mechanism and is more underrated rather than overrated. We have never believed in offering high discounts after hiking our prices, as some unscrupulous online writing companies are prone to do, and this, according to us, is kind of undercutting, which is not good for future of online writing businesses the world over. Undercutting of the kind encouraged by massive discounts are a bane, not only for our business, but also for this trade and industry and needs to be ceremoniously discouraged and scorned as unethical business practices.

How Discount Works for me? Dou you have discount code system?

Please see our discount rate table (right side) and how they are applicable to your order based on the total price. You can see a discount button 'GET MY DISCOUNT' in order form and clicking the button will reduce your price by the discount applicable to you. We do not use a discount code system.

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