A personal statement is an integral part of the undergraduate course applications in many parts of the world. It is essentially an essay that a candidate has to write about himself. Every candidate is expected to write a personal essay and is an opportunity for a student to stand apart among his contemporaries. Candidates with the same grades may apply but it is the personal statement essay that is submitted by the student that may tip the scales in his favour. A person who reads a personal statement needs to be able to gauge the personality of the candidate and see the person behind the applicant number. This is why it is very important that the candidate fill a picture of himself in the tutor’s head and leave an impression that makes the tutor want to meet the candidate.

There are a few things that need to go into the personal statement essay. The first thing is the reasons that the candidate has to join the course. The motivation behind the decision to join the particular branch of academia and the enthusiasm that the student has for it should be covered. Secondly, the evidence that shows why the candidate is correct for the course should be provided. At this stage it is obvious that the student has met the selection criteria but the hard work that the student has put into researching the course and the career/profession should be made evident so that the tutor understands the seriousness behind the student’s decision. Thirdly, the student should give a glimpse into the efforts that he has taken to know more about the subject. This will be the reading that he has done beyond the curriculum.

The various experiences that the student has had in the past and how they are relevant to the subject of the course and his future should also be covered in the essay. Any transferable skills that the student may have possessed will be of interest to the tutors. The skills that the student may have that are relevant to the course should be mentioned in the paper as well. These may include the challenges that have been faced in the past, roles of leadership that the candidate has held, team work etc. Universities are in particular interested in imparting education to critical minds. So the student needs to propagate the idea that he is used to critical thinking and thinking independently. The long term plan that the student has should also be communicated to the tutor in the essay. It is very important to keep the statement positive by starting with the strengths and mentioning positive aspects about oneself.

Even though a personal statement essay is essentially an individual writing about himself, many students cannot complete the task with ease. The reason could be because he is not adept at writing in a language that is different from his mother tongue or because he has not written a personal statement essay before. This is where we can assist students get through this obstacle with the least amount of effort. The personal statement essays that we write after getting the necessary information from the student will be among the best in the university. The student can rest assured that the personal statement essay will gain him entry into the esteemed establishment that he desires.