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Dissertation Abstract Writing

A dissertation is the most important document that a student has to author during the course of his academic life. Even though all the chapters contribute to the impression that the student will make, it is the abstract that could make or break the deal. An abstract is a very important component of the thesis. It is a description of the work and will be read by the examiner. An abstract helps the student form an expectation of the thesis in the mind of the examiner. It is a summary of the thesis and should effectively present the major elements of the work in an abridged form. In a sense the abstract is the introduction to the entire work and can function as a standalone text.

If a dissertation is published in a bibliographic index, it is the abstract that will be available for retrieval. Even those who have the entire text at their disposal will never read the entire dissertation simply because no one has the time to go through every page. It is the abstract that they will read and make their conclusions about the work. Abstracts give the first impression about the dissertation and let the reader decide whether they should go ahead and read the entire thesis or not.  It is a document that should be capable of substituting for the whole thesis in the exceptional case when there is no space for the full text. This is why the abstract is very important and more specifically why it should be written in the proper manner.

When students write abstract for their dissertations they make several mistakes. The most common mistake that is committed by students is that they forget to present their results of the research in the abstract. In many cases the reason why people will continue to read the dissertation is when the abstract claims a particular result and they might want to know how the student got to that conclusion. When there is no result then the dissertation will not even be considered by anyone. Yet another mistake that students may make is when they go on and on about what they did during the research process, when the idea is to tell the readers what the student discovered during the research process. The abstract should end by summarizing and interpreting the results.

These mistakes that are committed by students is due to the lack of experience and due to their inability to plan their dissertation writing process. We have writers who are professional dissertation writers. They are well aware of the steps that need to be taken when writing a dissertation and have a proper modus operandi that they follow to write a dissertation. This plan of action they have will allow them to come up with a dissertation that has a very good abstract that makes the thesis look inviting enough to read. Dissertations for many students are a once in a lifetime event and it is always difficult for anyone to get it correct in the first attempt. When the student’s future is at stake it is always advisable to take professional help while writing a dissertation.



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