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Critical Review Writing

A critical review is essentially a professional critical review of a text, book, essay or an article. The implications of the matter that has been covered in the text or the contents and the quality of the text in particular could be the point of criticism. In some cases faculty members may also ask students to review a non-text medium like an educational video. Unlike what many students think, a critical review is not a review that covers the elements of literature or art. Instead of reviewing the text from the perception of a work of art, the critical review will use critical thinking tools like logical summary, analysis of arguments and an evaluation of the quality of the writing or organisation of the text.

A critical review has to be more than a mere summary of a text. Many students commit the mistake of writing more of a summary than a review. A critical review has to be an analysis and an evaluation of the text. A good reviewer should understand the text and also know how to analyse it using the appropriate criteria. There are a few steps that should be taken to write a critical review of any medium. The first step is to read the text and understand how the elements in the text fit together. The material that has been presented in the text has to be read with a critical mind and every aspect needs to be challenged by the student. The assumptions that have been made by the author of the text and the evidence that he relies on to make his conclusions need to be considered.

All the elements that have been identified need to be analysed. The text itself, the structure that has been used, the evidence, conclusion etc should all be taken into consideration. Questions should be raised about the structure, the methodology, evidence, conclusions and the logic. This will eventually lead to the formation of a thesis in the mind of the student. This thesis should address the assignment as well. A very important aspect about critical review that needs to be taken into consideration is that the number of points that have been identified should not result in an increased word count than desired. The thesis should be covered within the page constraints that have been set by the faculty.

When our service is used for writing a critical review, the student can rest assured that the paper will be written by professionals. Our professional writers will be able to complete a critical review within the word count that has been specified by the faculty. Our writers are well educated and specialize in different fields of academia. They will be able to apply their knowledge in the subject to the review and come up with a well written paper that will be accepted by the faculty. Our writers are well versed in writing academic papers and none of the papers we supply will have any plagiarism in them. The critical review will be written in adherence to the guidelines that have been set by the educational establishment or faculty member.



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