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Getting started is probably the most difficult part that writers have to face while writing about certain things. This problem not only arises with newbie writers, even professional writers find themselves in the same situation. If you are a newbie, then this very article can help you a lot in improving your writing skills. If you are wondering that you will find the same stuff which is available online such as taking courses for improving your writing skills then you are wrong.

There are some simple exercises which you can complete in few minutes only. If you dedicate 10 minutes from your daily routine, then for sure you will notice an improvement in your writing skills right after doing the below-mentioned exercises for a week. Before getting to the 10 minutes exercise part you should know that writing is like any other thing, the more you will practice the better result you will get.

Some of the simple exercises which wouldn’t take more than 10 minutes are enlisted below:

  • Sit in front of your computer. Keep a stopwatch or use your smartphone’s stopwatch. For three minutes type everything that comes to your mind without getting any second thought about the content. Don’t hesitate, keep typing. By doing this your typing speed will increase.
  • Read articles or essays composed by professional writers. This will not take more than 4 minutes. You will learn a lot about sentence formation. Most of the articles and essays available online are provided by custom essay writing service providers. Custom essay writing service providers offer great quality essays and articles to their clients. Therefore, you can learn a lot about professional writing simply by reading essays and articles composed by professional writers.
  • Try to learn a new word. The more words you learn, the better your writing skills will be.



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